Daewoo Nexia

since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Deu Neksiya
+ Maintenance instruction
- Maintenance
   1.2. General instructions on repair
   1.2. Identification number of the car
   1.3. Car lifting
   1.4. Car maintenance
   - 1.5. Control surveys and the servicing, carried out by the owner
      1.5.1. When driving car
      1.5.2. At each filling of fuel
      1.5.3. Monthly Maintenance
      1.5.4. The maintenance, carried out two times a year
      1.5.5. At each replacement of engine oil
      1.5.6. Annual Maintenance
   1.6. Moments of an inhaling of carving connections
   1.7. Car characteristics with system of multipoint injection of fuel
   1.8. Characteristics of cars (2 top camshafts of the engine)
   1.9. Sizes and mass of cars
+ Engine
+ 3. Engine (two top camshafts)
+ cooling System
+ Toplevnaya and exhaust systems
+ Electric chain
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Electronic control unit and sensors
+ Transmission
+ 10. Five-speed transmission and main RPO MM5 broadcast
+ 11. Automatic Transmission
+ Steering
+ Running gear
+ 14. Forward suspension bracket
+ 15. Drive of forward wheels
+ 16. Back suspension bracket
+ Brake system
+ Body
+ Heating, ventilation
+ Electric equipment


1.5.3. Monthly Maintenance


Control of a condition of tires, wheels and check of pressure of air in tires

Examine tires about detection of abnormal wear of a protector and damages. Check also a condition of wheels. Pressure of air check on "cold" tires, including and a spare wheel. Support pressure of air in tires according to values which are brought on the plate pasted on a driver's door.

Control of serviceability of devices of lighting and alarm system

Check serviceability of headlights, including a driving and passing beam, lobbies and back dimensional lamps, lay lamps, fog lights, lamps of illumination of registration plate, stoplights, including the central top stoplight, turn indexes, a lamp of a backing and the light alarm system.

Stock-taking of leakages of operational liquids

Periodically, after rather long parking of the car, check existence of traces of leakages of operational liquids (motor and transmission oils, fuel, brake and cooling liquid). Falling of drops of water from knots of central air of air after switching off of system is the normal phenomenon. At detection of leakages of fuel or паров gasoline it is necessary to find at once the reason and to eliminate malfunction.