Daewoo Nexia

since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Deu Neksiya
- Maintenance instruction
   + Combination of devices
   Switches and switches
   Switches and salon equipment
   Salon and Body equipment
   Ventilation, heating and salon conditioning
   + car Maintenance
+ Maintenance
+ Engine
+ 3. Engine (two top camshafts)
+ cooling System
+ Toplevnaya and exhaust systems
+ Electric chain
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Electronic control unit and sensors
+ Transmission
+ 10. Five-speed transmission and main RPO MM5 broadcast
+ 11. Automatic Transmission
+ Steering
+ Running gear
+ 14. Forward suspension bracket
+ 15. Drive of forward wheels
+ 16. Back suspension bracket
+ Brake system
+ Body
+ Heating, ventilation
+ Electric equipment

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Dashboard and governing bodies


1. Lateral deflectors
2. Nozzle обдува lateral glass
3. Regulator of the direction of light bunches of headlights
4. Switch of forward fog lights
5. Switch of an electroheater of back glass
6. Control lever indexes of turn and devices of external lighting
7. Steering wheel
8. Dashboard
9. Control lever screen wipers and stekloomyvatel
10. Switch of the alarm system
11. Switch of back antifog lamps
12. Regulator of frequency of cycles of work of a screen wiper
13. Hours with digital indication
14. Central deflectors
15. Ware box
16. Air temperature regulator
17. Regulator of distribution of air
18. Radio tape recorder
19. Lighter
20. A nest for small things
21. Ashtray
22. Conditioner switch
23. Switch of operating modes of the fan
24. Switch of a mode of a retsirkulyatsiya of air
25. Accelerator pedal
26. Ignition lock
27. Brake pedal
28. Coupling pedal
29. Button of a sound signal
30. Block of electric safety locks
31. Button of opening of the hatch of a jellied mouth of a tank
32. Button of opening of a trunk lid