Daewoo Nexia

since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Deu Neksiya
+ Maintenance instruction
+ Maintenance
+ Engine
+ 3. Engine (two top camshafts)
+ cooling System
+ Toplevnaya and exhaust systems
+ Electric chain
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Electronic control unit and sensors
+ Transmission
+ 10. Five-speed transmission and main RPO MM5 broadcast
+ 11. Automatic Transmission
+ Steering
- Running gear
   13.2. Replacement of wheels
   13.3. Wheel bolts
   13.4. Running in of tires
   13.5. Storage of tires
   13.6. Balancing of wheels
   13.7. Antisliding chains
   13.8. Pressure check in tires
   13.9. Check of a profile of tires
   13.10. Gate check
   13.11. Corners of installation of wheels of the car
   13.12. Preliminary check of a technical condition
   13.13. Adjustment of a convergence of forward wheels
   13.14. Check of a convergence of back wheels
   13.15. Check of a corner of disorder of back wheels
   13.16. Designations of rims and tires
+ 14. Forward suspension bracket
+ 15. Drive of forward wheels
+ 16. Back suspension bracket
+ Brake system
+ Body
+ Heating, ventilation
+ Electric equipment


13.16. Designations of rims and tires


Designations on a lateral surface of tires

1–maximum loading;
2–internal pressure;
3–characteristics of a breker;
4–cord characteristics;
5–material and quantity of layers of a cord;
6–compliance to DOT tests;
7–code of the producer;
8–dimensional code;
9–tire type;
10-manufacturing date;
11-year of release;
12-radial tire;
13-tubeless tire;
14-nominal width;
15-relation of height of the tire to width;
16-radial tire;
17-landing diameter of a disk;
18-factor of loading;
19-index of speed;
20-a mark about carrying out tests of EEK;
21-number of permission of EEK

Designations of rims

Designation: 6J x 14 H2 ET 38 are deciphered as follows:

Width of a disk in inches
Height of an onboard edge of a disk
Deep disk
Landing diameter of a disk in inches
The disk having бурт for installation of tubeless tires
ET 38
Distance from a landing surface of a disk to its line of symmetry

Designations of tires

Designation: 195/70 HR 14 89 H are deciphered as follows:

195 Width of the tire in mm
/70 The relation of height to width of a profile in % (the normal relation of height to width makes 82 %)
N Alphabetic symbol of admissible maximum speed
          About 160 km/h
          S 180 km/h
          T 190 km/h
          N 210 km/h
          V 240 km/h
          ZR over 240 km/h
R Radial tires
14 Diameter of a rim in inches
89 Loading capacity characteristic


If between data 14 and 89 there is M+S designation, it is a question of tires with a winter profile.

Date of manufacturing of the tire

Designation: DOT CUL UM8-421 TUBELESS is deciphered as follows:

Code designation of the manufacturer
Size of the tire
Tire type
Manufacturing date (the 42nd week 1991)
The tubeless tire (TUBETYPE – chamber)