Daewoo Nexia

since 1994 of release

Repair and car operation

Deu Neksiya
- Maintenance instruction
   - Combination of devices
      The index of temperature of cooling liquid
      Summarizing and daily counters of the passable way
      Index of level of fuel
      Control lamps and switches
   Switches and switches
   Switches and salon equipment
   Salon and Body equipment
   Ventilation, heating and salon conditioning
   + car Maintenance
+ Maintenance
+ Engine
+ 3. Engine (two top camshafts)
+ cooling System
+ Toplevnaya and exhaust systems
+ Electric chain
+ 7. Ignition system
+ 8. Electronic control unit and sensors
+ Transmission
+ 10. Five-speed transmission and main RPO MM5 broadcast
+ 11. Automatic Transmission
+ Steering
+ Running gear
+ 14. Forward suspension bracket
+ 15. Drive of forward wheels
+ 16. Back suspension bracket
+ Brake system
+ Body
+ Heating, ventilation
+ Electric equipment

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The index of temperature of cooling liquid


H–high temperature
With – low temperature

The device shows temperature of cooling liquid of the engine.

If the arrow of the index is in a red zone of a scale or is even more right, stop, muffle the Engine and let's to it cool down. It is forbidden to continue movement at an engine overheat.